1. Booze and Blues 1 Jan Hangoni/Julius Mikes 3:51


Booze And Blues

There is no Sunshine
Dark is the sky
And the love of mine
Waived me goodbye


Got me a bottle
Sippin‘ on the booze
Honey can’t you see
I got the Blues

Got no money
And got no car
My dog left me
And ran too far

Rockin‘ with my shadows
Rolling in pain
Thinking of gallows
All is just in vain

Background Story

Spev: Jan „Bobo“ Hangoni
Skladatel: Jan „Bobo“ Hangoni
Textar: Julius Mikes

Arrangement: Jan „Bobo“ Hangoni
Studio Recording: YPS Music Studio
Mix & Master: YPS Music Studio

Booze And Blues

Release Date : 18. júna 2015
Artist : YPS Music
Genre : ,
Format : Digital Download